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Social Media Management

Filtering the multitude of people on social media to get across to your ideal and potential customers can be tricky sometimes. You may be driving traffic to your posts and your social media accounts generally but that traffic may not be leading to the achievement of your marketing goals.

424 Media is staffed with young professionals who have been active on social media since it began to garner traction, are well skilled in deciphering the type of traffic to generate and what content would achieve the desired goal and are ever keeping up with the dynamics and trends as they change and evolve.

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Areas of Proficiency

Through training and practice, our team has proficient hands who are experienced in building and maintaining brands in online social communities. Our areas of expertise include the following social media platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+
  • YouTube
  • and other social media platforms.

Social Media Management Goals

Engaging in social media management, some desired and expected goals are kept in mind to be achieved. Some of these are:


Working with the details of your target market/audience, we will ensure to get the followers and potential customers within the stipulated demographic requirements to follow and stay connected to your social media accounts.

Regular & Periodic Engagement

Keeping your brand always in the mind of your customers and potential customers is important, even when you are not exactly trying to sell them on a product. Without this, your brand may not be taken seriously whenever there is a marketing campaign to carry out online. We will ensure your interaction with your audience doesn’t die down at any point in time and that your brand is constantly perceived in positive light by all who interact with your pages. We will also ensure your comment section is free of irrelevant messages and content.

Leads/Traffic Generation

Inorganic customer generation through the use of ad tools can be used on the different social media platforms to generate the right traffic to your website for conversion to buying customers which will lead to an increase in sales. These social media ads campaigns are very useful also for brand awareness for a relatively new or unknown brand/business.

We are your go-to firm for everything social media management and some of the reasons why you would engage our services for social media management are:

  • Content is everything! Social media marketing thrives on regular valid content and interaction with your audience base. We have seasoned personnel who know how to maneuver the intricacies of social media
  • Graphics are also very essential in capturing the attention of users on social media. Our creative graphic designers and developers know just what to do to get that attention your brand is seeking for.
  • We have a certified and dedicated team of social media handlers that will keep your brand relevant online by engaging in useful and relevant discussions with your audience
  • Client relationship and support managers are available on hand throughout the period of the project to handle any concerns or additions or subtractions you may have

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